This is how I know I’m old.  I used to enjoy a good concert–I wouldn’t so much care who was playing–I would just HAVE to go.  Now a days I usually live in a world of regret after I buy concert tickets and dread going to the concert.  When did I become a senior citizen?!  I don’t think it’s the loud noise of the music–I think it’s just the people that surround me at these concerts. 

Last night the hubby and I went to the Coldplay concert in Oklahoma City.  The concert itself was AWESOME–Coldplay always puts on the best show.  Always.  However, I think we sat in the most annoying section ever created in the history of section creation.  (Yeah, I don’t understand that last sentence either.)


Let’s break it down:

We had the “sad guy who was there by himself” guy.  I kind of eavesdropped (yay!) and was listening to him say that whoever he was supposed to go with couldn’t come so he sold his ticket to someone outside.  I’m assuming it was a girl he was supposed to come with the way he was downing beer all night.  He also had the saddest dance moves that could rival Elaine from Seinfeld’s little dance number…

Then there’s the “guy who thought he was at a rave” guy.  This guy bought the lonely guy’s ticket.  It was like destiny that they found each other because they talked and hit it off.  They even exchanged email addresses.  Twenty bucks says this morning they’re both looking at that email address saying, “who the heck is that?!” Anyways, I’m not sure if this guy was on drugs but the way he danced made me think he was on something–or maybe just high on life. This guy also blatently disregarded the “no smoking” ban in there and lit up and lit up and lit up and lit up…That made lonely guy happy and my next person very happy…


There’s the “I’m desperate for male attention even though I have a boyfriend/husband” girl.  This girl was obnoxious and shared cigarettes with the two guys (lonely and rave).  This is a phenomenon I don’t get–and if you do it PLEASE explain it to me.  How can you share cigarettes with people you don’t know?  That just seems like the dirtiest thing ever!  Well, she was dancing with the lonely guy while her boyfriend had his back turned.  Plus, this really annoyed me–she lit a cigarette when she was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO A PREGNANT LADY!  I couldn’t believe it!  The prego lady had to move thanks to her.  Desperate girl had a friend there that was one row in front of her which brings me to my next and last person…


Finally there’s the “I’m married and have children but I’m going to take this night and get plastered and make a complete fool out of myself” girl.  This girl was drunk before the concert had even begun.  While we were waiting for Coldplay to come out this girl climbed over her seat into the row behind her and proceeded to sit on two random guys laps and grind on them.  Then she grabbed her boobs and said, “Yeah, look at these nice A-cups…” Her husband was just laughing and laughing and laughing and yelling at her to get down.  She drunkenly got down and kept dancing and when she was sitting she had her legs kicked in the air. 


It was sort of hard to actually pay attention to the actual concert with everything going on around me!!  I love Coldplay though so I would sit through anything to see them live! 

What has your WORST concert experience been?? 


Yes, I took the above picture this weekend and YES I do still have my Halloween decorations up!  Judge away…