Can anyone name what movie that’s from?  Anyone?  ANYONE?!  It’s Kindergarten Cop…”It’s not a tumor.”  Oh I absolutely LOVED that movie.  “MISTER KIMBLE ARE YOU ALRIGHT?”  I could quote that movie all day…but I won’t.


I’m off today to hang out with my mom all day while she recovers from her tumor surgery.  (When I say off I mean I’m off work–I’ll have nothing better to do than blog so I’ll probably harrass you all the WHOLE day!)I’m sure she loves me talking about her and her tumor on my blog.  Oh well, she’ll be too out of it to even know.  This tumor is in her mouth around her gum in the back.  I’ve asked several times if she’d ask the oral surgeon to keep her tumor but she just thinks I’m insane.  And I probably am.  I mean I accused the Bloggess of hitting on me over email. 

I was “tagged” by Emily a week or so ago to talk about the man behind my blog.  My husband.  You all know a little bit about him: He’s a Husker fan, he loves cheeseburgers (hince the nickname burger king) and he kind of thinks I’m an idiot. 


Here’s some things you didn’t know about him:

He LETS me do the dishes, laundry and cook!

He LETS me pay for the groceries!

and He LETS me clean up the dog poop in the backyard!

I am without a doubt the LUCKIEST girl in the world! Ok, I’m kidding. 

 He is THE BEST guy that puts up with my weirdness and my stupid, stupid jokes.  And he takes care of me like no one else could. And he is a great provider for me and the dogs.  He works extremely hard and is more selfless than anyone I know. I love him to death!

Ok, I have a couple of awards that were given to me:

From She’s Lump and Sassy Two Socks I received the Kreativ Blogger Award!  Thanks ladies!  I appreciate it so, so much! 


And Heather from Sugar N’ Spice & Mostly Nice has been overly generous and given me THREE awards! 




Thanks again! It always makes a person feel good to get awards that’s why if your NAME has LETTERS in it I bestow these awards to you.  Please take them!  I love you all!

Speaking of tumors and love…