My plan yesterday backfired on so many levels.  I was going to go out meet some new blogger friends and embrace the freedom of a day off by watching movies and perusing blogs.  Well let’s see what all happened–the wireless didn’t work and there was no WAY I was going to sit and stare at a desktop all day in an uncomfortable computer chair. Especially when the lure of a la-z-boy was right in front of my face.  Then it turns out on top of babysitting my mother I had to babysit Floyd.  Floyd the puppy can’t stay outside by himself because he’s afraid to be left.   He’s such a baby.  Also my mom kept trying to undo the straps I had to hold her down so she wouldn’t move.   So needless to say instead of visiting hundreds of people today I visited NONE. 

My mom’s surgery went great!  I appreciate all of the well wishes to her and I will certainly pass them along as soon as she’s with it enough to understand again what a blog is.  I didn’t get to keep the tumor and the doctor didn’t even have the courtesy to ask if I wanted it.  These people have no sentimental value!

*This would be where I would find a google image of a tumor to put in here but I looked and I almost vomitted.  Do NOT go looking for pictures of tumors unless you have an iron stomach.*


So I have to tell you about this really annoying guy in the waiting room.  He was accompanying a lady–I don’t think they were married.  They were probably in their 80’s I’d say.  I was enjoying my Martha Stewart Living magazine in the peace and quiet until this guy started in. 

“It is just SO quiet in here.  No one is talking or saying a word.  Well, I guess I’m talking…” 

You have to picture that there’s a total of two people other than him in the waiting room and we’re sitting on opposite ends of the waiting room.  I think he was waiting for one of us to look up at him and smile–but instead of being funny he was just really, REALLY annoying. 

You people wonder why I call the dogs tumors–look at the evil looks they give me. 


Throw my ball or DIE!”


“Let me out or I’ll take YOU out…”