Not feeling the best today. I almost accidentally typed “not feeling the breast today.”  Good grief! It’s one of those sicks where even your TEETH hurt.  I’m trying to salvage all of my energy for Twilight tonight.  I wonder if my boss would notice if I napped all day…

I noticed an interesting pattern in my things people search to get to me box. 

Two days ago there was a search for “i not popular but i like a popular girl.” (ignore the bad English)

Then yesterday there was a search for “how to take down a popular girl”

I’m guessing things did not go well for the unpopular fellow.

Speaking of popular girls…


I think Sadie’s the Queen Bee…


I plan to be back to normal on Monday if not SOONER (speaking of Sooners GO OU!) So I apologize for being such a bad blogger this week!  Now I’m off to stare at my desk and make it look like I’m doing something for the next 5 hours.