First and foremost I must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only AUNT LAUREN!!!


(I added the fake moustache to cover up her real one–I’m just being a good friend here people!)

Although she’s not MY aunt, she’s Lexi and Sadie’s aunt. And they love her more than they love their own mother.  She’s also able to break the icy glare from Sadie and turn her into a gooey, cuddle bucket. (that might be the dumbest sentence I’ve ever written-and that’s saying a lot!)   She’s one of the greatest friends I’ll ever have. I know this because as much as I love her she knows exactly what to do to irritate me more than life itself. 

On to bigger and better things…

So, you may or may not have noticed that some of my pictures have looked better–sharper, better color.  I did in fact get a new camera and I’m just now posting about it.  Mainly because I’m embarrassed at how LITTLE I know about cameras and settings and white balance and shutter speed and yada, yada, yada… 

I was way to chicken to delve straight into the SLR world so I got something sort of inbetween.


Turns out I don’t even know how to use THIS type of camera!

Does anyone have ANY sort of tips with settings or anything?  Mainly low-light situations…

You all are experts–I’ve seen your pictures!  Let me into your mind, share with me you knowledge!  IMPRESS ME!  It’s a great camera but most of my pictures come out blurry or grainy.  And I KNOW it’s the camera not the operator…ha.ha.

Oh and about the title–just another one of my dreams. My brother’s a helicopter pilot apparently…



See how grainy Sadie is?  I could stick some butter on this picture and eat it.

Get it?  Like toast and butter? GRAINS?!  You can’t get this kind of material everywhere…