Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone for the camera advice yesterday!  I decided to just stop being a wuss and just play around with it.  Like someone in the comments said–it’s not going to bite me!  So I’m working on it!

You know, eating is such a fun thing for me.  I love to eat. I love to eat A LOT.  We went out to celebrate Moustached Lauren’s birthday last night.  I ate so much.  I had the biggest chicken fried steak ever.  I didn’t take a picture (can I even call myself a true blogger when I didn’t take a picture??!) But lets just say there wasn’t much of the plate showing.  Well, being the dainty young lady I am, I downed the whole thing before anyone had come close to finishing their meal.  Before I’d finished Eric, Lauren’s husband, said “You will NEVER finish that.” To which Moust. Lauren and my sweet husband said, “You obviously don’t know her…she’ll have it done in no time…” And I did!  As I was downing this delicious, golden-fried goodness we were talking about getting in shape to go to the beach in the spring. Lauren and I could not stop laughing at the thought of my hubby mistakenly going into Curves wanting to start working out…

…Ok, just so you know I spent the last hour trying to fit my husband’s head on some lady who was wearing a Curves shirt. Not his actual head-a picture of his head on the picture of a lady…

But I digress, I also did my husband proud by eating the largest piece of cake out of all four of us. And as I am typing this I am actually HUNGRY!  Thanks dad for giving me a bottomless pit for a stomach!

What’s one thing you can ALWAYS pig out on??


And you know there’s really nothing more fun than watching husbands play Wii on your birthday…


I especially like this picture because it looks like they’re both taking a whizz.


Blowing the candles on the cake that she actually had to MAKE HERSELF.  Does that sound familiar to any women?? 

Sadie was in an interesting mood last night.  It seems that she was highly offended at the placement of a plate by the fireplace. 

(Just bear with all the pictures…)





sadiebarkingAnd that’s when dad sneezed and that sent Sadie running which ruined the series of pictures…


And maybe my favorite expression ever from Lexi: