I feel old.  Really old. I am sitting here on a Friday morning sore.  My right arm hurts.  I wish I could sit here and tell you that I got off my lazy behind and worked out.  But I didn’t–it is the holidays for heaven’s sake! 

Ladies and gentleman (I’m pretty sure other than my husband no man reads this), I am sore from playing Wii.  Not HOURS of Wii mind you.  A whole 30 minutes of it.  And that’s stretching it time-wise.  And I wish I could tell you that it was from something vigorous like Wii Fit or boxing.  But it was a light game of couples tennis.  I could barely lift it to put on my sweater this morning.

Also, since when is 9:30 considered late?  When did THAT happen?  I mean in college I would stay up all hours of the night and STILL make my 8am classes.  Now I go to bed at 10:30 and can barely get up for work.  I am crying a little inside.  Pouring one out for my former, young self.  It’s a sad, sad day…

What kind of activities make YOU feel old?


I think Lexi’s thinking I look pretty old too. Look at that shocked look in her eyes.  Either that or I’m threatening to eat one of her beloved treats if she doesn’t cooperate!


And please ignore the coats, deodorant, perfume and any other item that is randomly seen in the background of this picture.  Sadie’s just as embarrassed as I am.