On Saturday we decided to go and get a little Christmas shopping done.  We were going to go a few places like the mall, PetSmart and Old Navy.  We hit all those places and as usual ended up buying everything WE wanted and nothing for anyone else.  I wouldn’t say we’re selfish, just self-centered. (I’m KIDDING people!)

We arrived at PetSmart to look at beds for precious Lexi.  She’s fallen in love with this horrendous Nebraska beanbag (now you people see why it’s horrendous!).  She decided to rip the seam open so it’s ruined so now we’re trying to find one similarly shaped…sorry this story is SO not about a bed. 

PetSmart is TORTURE but it’s especially torture on Saturdays.  They pretty much have adoptions every Saturday and this one was no different.  We just decided to look because, well as you all know we LOVE dogs.  Of COURSE there was a pen with 4 yellow lab puppies, 2 brown puppy mixes, and 1 black and white puppy. OF COURSE THERE WAS. I kept asking my sweet husband if we could get one.



Here’s the problem.

HE DIDN’T SAY NO! In fact he said he would pay for it.  But that was all he was going to pay for. I had to pay for everything else and get up and take care of it.  How could he say that I could get one. He’s the level-headed one that says “NO” when no should be said!   Yada, yada, yada I thought of Lexi and Sadie and thought they probably weren’t ready for a new addition at this moment. 

As we were driving home though, we drove past a WalMart parking lot. What was in the parking lot you ask??  A sign for LAB PUPPIES!  We didn’t even stop for those.  Then yesterday as I was going to Target I saw a sign on a truck that I was next to “ROTTWEILER PUPPIES.” I mean, is this not a sign from God or what?!  Plus did I mention last week I held a corgi puppy?!  A CORGI PUPPY FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!

How could I make these two put up with another puppy?! 



Maybe I shouldn’t make them deal with a new puppy–maybe I should just replace them with puppies!

Nah, I couldn’t do that!