Did I just write the longest WordPress title ever?  I feel like I did…

Let me take you on a trip.  A trip down memory lane.  We’ve been there in a few posts but we’re going back because we have so much fun everytime we go! 

The year? 2003.  My future husband and I were college students in the prime of our lives.  It was around Christmas time and we knew OU was going to make it into the Big XII Championship game and there was a possibility that Nebraska would be there too.  My boyfriend (Hubby now) decided to buy us Big XII tickets as a Christmas gift.  I was so excited! 

Well, Nebraska choked and didn’t make it there. Instead it would be OU vs. Kansas State. Oh well, I’d still be happy and hubby would still be okay with it because he likes any type of football.

Fast forward to December. 



Look how young and happy we are.  This was obviously BEFORE the game happened because you see my friends, OU got OBLITERATED in this game.  My husband gave me tickets to a game where my beloved Sooners got their butts handed to them.  And to top it all off, out of 77,000 seats in Arrowhead Stadium his cousin and his cousin’s friend (who was a huge K-State fan) were plopped right behind us.  They were laughing and yelling at my Sooners–MY SOONERS! 

This is what I call payback

This is what I call payback

I asked, no DEMANDED another Christmas gift to replace this horrible gift as we were walking to the car before the game was even over. It was without a doubt the worst Christmas gift ever…and he knows it!  He never did get me another gift and I think secretly he enjoyed every minute of that game!

These two were just a gleam in their momma’s eyes when we went to that game…


And no we don’t have purple trees in our backyard–just playing with Picnik!