Although that title could easily be used to describe ME it’s actually describing this post because I’m going to be busy at work today! 

Just a couple random things:
Hubby and I were walking through Target or somewhere like that last week and I walked by these pants and said “Ohh fancy sweatpants I could really get those to wear out!” To which he replied, “Yeah, you should really be considered for ‘What Not to Wear.'” Is it more sad that he suggested that? Or is it more sad that he knows what “What Not to Wear” is?  Can you nominate yourself for that show? Because I totally would…

Last night I was changing and made my husband turn his head when I was taking off my pants.  It wasn’t because I thought I was fat–it was because I haven’t shaved my legs in so long that he could possibly throw-up from it. 

And lastly, my favorite picture of Sadie EVER!


Isn’t she just the cutest???!!!!


And look how properly Lexi’s sitting.  She’s such a lady…except she’s letting her udders hang out! 

Ok, hope everyone has a FABULOUS Thursday!