I was SO excited yesterday because the shoes I ordered from Target were going to be on MY doorstep last night when I got home from work.

Were they?

Of course not.   The UPS tracker SAID they were on my porch but I looked everywhere–even on the BACK porch just to be sure.


No sign of shoes or a shipment ANYWHERE!!!  I am pretty certain someone stole the target box off our porch.  Who would do that? At Christmas?  And let me just say, if someone DID steal it I hope it was a guy.  Because now he’s the proud owner of two, count them, TWO pairs of lovely size 5 1/2 women’s shoes. 

I’m thinking I want to set up a sting with a camera hidden somewhere.  Although, if someone was stealing packages off my porch then I’m pretty sure a camera would be stolen too! 

Has anyone ever had a package stolen off their porch? Or have your packages been sent to the wrong address?

In other news, there’s dead grass in our back yard.  A lot of it.  And my sweet puppies just love rolling around in it and bringing it inside!  It’s like Christmas everyday in my house with all the gifts the dogs bring me…





I’ll be by to visit everyone tonight when I actually have time!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!