I keep making all these empty promises to visit ya’ll and then life happens.  Too much to do this time of year!! I’m sure I’m sure I’m not alone in the empty promise department!  I hope upon all hopes you all forgive me–and I will be around to visit you all today…(Now you all can wonder is she REALLY going to or is this just another fluff promise?!) 

So Friday I heard a package being left on our porch–I thought OH YES my shoes DID make it after all!  It wasn’t them though.  It was something even BETTER!  I did a Secret Santa exchange that the GREAT Georgie put on.  It was the gift from my Secret Santa!  And I don’t know if she got me–I’ll let you be the judge…



First of all bag with animals?!  umm YES that’s totally me 🙂 haha


Tootsie Rolls and Skittles–two of my faves! 

A book of funny cartoons about dogs and cats–AWESOME!

The Ten Commandments of Dogs


Read them if you can–especially if you have a dog!  Made me tear up a few times!


This cute little Santa decoration!

And finally the real tear jerker for me…


A donation to the Humane Society in Sadie and Lexi’s name!  They were totally honored and loved the blanket that came along with it!

What I’m trying to say is the gift could not have been ANY more perfect!  So, THANK YOU SECRET SANTA–whoever you are!


And they thank you too Secret Santa for the donation on their behalf!