Don’t you hate it when work overtakes your life?!  Me TOO!  Here in about 4 days I’m going to be free–free as a BIRD!  At least for two weeks…

Does everyone have their holiday shopping done? ME EITHER! Ok, you all probably actually do but the deadly combo or procrastination and laziness has over taken me!  I haven’t done a whole lot of shopping but I’ve done a lot of hint dropping.  “Sadie hasn’t eaten almost ALL of my underwear, I need more underwear preferably from Victoria’s Secret!!!”  “My neck hurts so bad every morning from my pillow, I WISH I had a pillow like yours…” “My pictures would look SOO much better with Photoshop!”  We’ll see how many hints he picks up on–considering he never picked up on any hints that I LIKED him before we dated I doubt these obvious hints will get through to him. 

I have been so out of blog mentality that I can’t even think of anything to write!  So I’m just going to spew pictures on here and maybe I’ll be inspired…doubtful…


Did I just blow your mind?  Yeah, that’s the moon and I took it’s picture!


img_1208The man on the moon was giving me his best side that night–I believe he is MOONing me!  Come on–that’s GOLD people, GOLD!

Sadie had a photo shoot last night with a scarf…


sadiescarf1I’d say she looks pretty happy about the whole situation!

And I don’t know if you know this, but Elvis is ALIVE! 


Lexi could pretty much care less…


She doesn’t need a scarf to tell her she’s beautiful!