My stomach.  My poor, poor stomach. 

I love Mexican food, LOVE it.  I could probably eat it at every meal and be okay with it. 

Well, I tested that theory this weekend.  Didn’t have the results I was hoping for.  Turns out you can’t eat Mexican food for four straight meals.  My stomach is thanking me for it this morning by punching me.  Although this morning I have this weird sensation of being hungry and my stomach being upset.  I better go find a brownie or something to even out those feelings. 

Advice for the day:  When you say, “I could eat [insert genre of food here] for every meal.” You really can’t–it’s a lose-lose situation for all of those involved.  I think my husband was ready to shove two bean-o down my throat.  So there’d bean-o more gas…

Speaking of eating the same thing over and over (Am I the only one who feels sorry for dogs that they have to eat the same stinking thing daily?)


Sadie just LOVES being close to her sister!


“Maybe if I close my eyes I’ll wake up and this will all be a dream…”


“Nope, still there…”