So I’ve had off since last Tuesday and aside from a little bit of shopping and wrapping I’ve been doing nothing.  When I say I’ve been doing nothing I mean literally sitting in the same chair, watching television and maybe on a good day hopping on to check out Perez…This is why I can’t stay at home–it’s like the more time I have the LESS I do! 

What I’m trying to say is I’m sorry for being lazy and not returning blog visits and blah blah blah…But today I’m turning over a new leaf.  On top of sitting, watching television and visiting Perez I will visit you all! 


(The television adds such a lovely touch of Christmas ambiance)

So how was everyone’s holidays?  Mine was great!  My husband got me Photoshop Elements 7 and after about 20 minutes on it I’m pretty much an expert.  If you want any tips just ask away.  Ok, that’s a complete lie. But I do know how to make my pictures look  BETTER so that’s a step.  My parents got me a wireless scanner/printer/copier so I plan to find some GREAT old pictures and put them up on here!  Lucky you all!

So, I have a question:

What was your favorite thing you GAVE?? 

 I think mine is a tie between the calendar I made for my dad of the dogs or what we got hubby’s mother which she hasn’t received yet so it’s a secret. hehe, hahaha…

I thought I’d save my bitter rant when I’m not talking about the magic of Christmas so I’ll spare you the vile and hate til tomorrow!  Instead I’ll leave you with some pictures of the dogs. 


Lexi’s back side–probably her best side!


I think Sadie was worried that she wasn’t getting anything from Santa.


sadieboneSanta did visit them!  And unfortunately these were polished off in about an hour.  They were actually supposed to last at least two days.  Needless to say the next day was a smelly one.  Have a great Monday everyone!