You know when you’re away from something for forever and it just seems like too much work to start it up again?  That’s how I’m feeling at blogging right now.  But I’m going to do it whether I want to or not! Mainly because I miss all of you all!   It will probably take me days to catch up so if I don’t come say “hi” til like Saturday then forgive me.  PLEASE–I BEG YOU! 

We got back from Kansas City yesterday about 1pm.  We were SUPPOSED to come back Sunday evening but God/Satan (I can never tell who to pin stuff on) had other plans.  Funnily enough we were pulling out of CHURCH (so it had to be Satan right?!) when our lovely Jeep that we bought not six months ago decided to completely stop working!  I won’t go into boring car details but basically any gear you put it in it would just roll backwards.   We had it towed and found out it was going to be around $2400!   Can you believe that?!   Well, miraculously yesterday my awesome husband called Jeep and it is somehow covered under a warranty!  So all we had to do is pay$100 claim fee and that was it! 

I was a little worried because I thought we’d come home to find my car with four flat tires. Why you ask?  I am SO glad you asked!  I was leaving Hobby Lobby in a huge hurry the day we were leaving and somehow I managed to not notice one of those islands in the middle of the parking lot.  I drove all the way over it.  It might be one of my more embarrassing moments.   I’m sure the lady who was walking out of Hobby Lobby at the precise time that I was high-centered on the island thought it was amusing.  It didn’t help that I accidentally honked my horn–probably subconciously I wanted to draw a little more attention to myself…

I can’t tell you how much I missed my precious babies!  SIX days without them!  My heart was aching for them!


Look at that beauty! 


Lexi loves Jon and Kate Plus 8! 

By the way–I hate Photoshop!  Ok, I don’t hate it, I don’t GET it!  Hence, Lexi’s picture was done in Picnik because I just gave up.   Have a FABULOUS Wednesday everyone!