I feel like I’ve been sick for the longest time!  And I’m STILL sick!  I just can’t get over this bug that’s invaded my precious throat/lungs/mouth.  It has been five, count them FIVE days where I have had to sleep in the guest bedroom without my husband and more importantly without my dogs!  I feel like I should have rock-hard abs at this point from all of the coughing I’ve done.  (But I don’t…)

So let’s see so far my 2009 has been filled with car trouble and illness…what else could go wrong?  Well, considering we’re only in the 2nd full week of it a lot. 

And don’t even get me started on my doctor.  Does anyone else have this problem with their doctor?  He literally “examines” me for maybe 2 minutes and exclaims, “You have an infection!”  I was unaware you could deduce that by looking at my throat for 5 seconds and NOT doing a throat culture!  Am I bitter?!  YES!   To say the least!  Mainly because he put me on this stuff called “Magic Mouthwash” that A. hasn’t helped and B. tastes like medicine mixed with dog farts!  (Not MY dog’s farts of course–they smell like roses!) 

Needless to say I’m still coughing, I still have a swollen tonsil and I’ve stopped taking my medicine.  I think NyQuil will solve all problems.  At least Dr. Angela says so.  If not I’m cutting my own tonsils out…

Because I’m grumpy I’m putting  old pictures of the dogs in where the grass is green and the sunshine was out past 5:00pm.  And for some reason the pictures look better off my OLD camera!  More bitterness coming out…