…and put some new ones of cute dogs IN our heads. 

Life right now is boring, and I’m not complaining about that one bit.  I love boring but sometimes it’s, well, boring. 

I know not all of you have or even love dogs but I know you have kids and maybe you can help me with advice as if I’m talking about a kid.   A stupid, stubborn, brown-furred kid. 

Sadie has this new habit.  And it’s annoying.  She’ll scratch at the door to be let in.  We go to let her in and she runs away and grabs a ball.  Literally I spent an hour last night trying to get her in.  I finally had to go in the bedroom, flutter the blinds to create some intrigue and that finally got her to come in. 

This is what I’m faced with…



Little Lexi is just so good and runs right in…


I mean we will literally be running around the backyard with a golf club (Not to beat but to wrangle) and she’ll just run around like it’s a game…any advice?  Please!  

By the way click on that link on the side–the Bissell one and vote for Sadie.  Because if anyone deserves to represent shedding–it’s Sadie!

Also, I’m just going to post these pictures of Lexi. Because I love her.


Ferocious, I know.


I wonder what’s driving her so crazy??



Sorry for ANOTHER Lexi hiney shot. She just can’t keep her tail down.

And what was driving my little baby crazy??


A pigeon…a stupid pigeon…