Somehow humiliation always seems to find it’s way to me.   Just when I’m starting to feel good about myself God goes and knocks me down a peg or two. 

There I was walking into church.  My dad and husband were a few steps behind me chatting.  I go to walk up a flight of stairs to sit and lo and behold what happens?  Yes, my shoe got caught in my other pant leg and I go stumbling UP the steps. My first reaction was to see if dad and hubby saw.  They weren’t shaking their heads in embarrassment or laughing so I assumed they didn’t see.  Everyone else did though. Even this little boy kept staring at me to make sure I was alright.  As we were all sitting down my dad says, “I didn’t know you needed my assistance to walk you up the stairs…” Oh goodie–EVERYONE saw. 

Once church was over my dad grabbed me by the arm and escorted me down the stairs.  He’s such a jerk.  And I have a lovely bruise on my knee (as well as my ego).

Below is a picture of what Sadie loves to do to new things…


DESTROY them.  This bed had JUST come out of the box and she’s trying her hardest to destroy it.