Two amazing things happened Wednesday night.  First, I actually got out of the house and did something other than watch Ghost Hunters!  Second, we went to watch the OKC Thunder (basketball) play and they actually WON!  It’s a miracle!  Their record is now a whopping 11-35. 


My boss gave me the tickets for free so it was a nice free evening!  It is probably a very good thing that we didn’t pay for these because for some reason I tend to spend more time watching people than I do watching the game. 


The most ridiculous question I have ever heard at a sporting event occurred this night.  I actually had to calm down my husband so he wouldn’t say anything to the guy. 

The guy turned to the people he was with and said, “Now is this an NBA game or what is this?”  My jaw about hit the floor!  Just look at the court-NBA is written ALL OVER IT!  Give me a break!  I couldn’t believe it!


Most of my night though was spent looking at the “Thunder Girls” and feeling SO much better about myself! They’re all so FAT!  Or maybe not…

Just a couple of more pics of the angels from the snow the other day!