Have you heard of I Heart Faces?  It’s a wonderful photography blog.  It has great tips and a contest every week!  This week they’re including pet pictures and you know I have to get involved!  I can’t quite decide which one/ones to submit.  Give me your opinion please!


(Not dandruff, just snow!)





Maybe not the most intelligent looking picture but it’s cute!

The theme is “The eyes have it” so that’s why a majority of the pictures are just facial pictures.  Because we already know they both win in the “best bodies” category!

Update: I have to be honest that I’m having the most trouble because I feel like I am leaving one of the dogs out by not including them! How sad is that?  I’m pretty sure they won’t know…

By the way if you’re visiting from Dogmark–welcome and thanks for stopping by!  They selected me for their Cool Dog Site of the Day!