I’ve been fighting with myself for about the last week. 


I’ve been tossing around the idea of shutting down the blog and just quitting.  My head keeps saying, “Yes shut it down.” But my heart still wants me to do it.  I sit there and think about how stupid it is to care this much about a BLOG!  A BLOG!! But I guess it’s not just about the blog itself–it’s about the relationships that have formed from it.  I consider you all my friends!  I don’t discuss tampon flushing with just anyone you know.  And I would miss you if I left!


I mean who else will I tell about the thousand times I catch Lexi eating her own poop or Sadie eating Kleenex out of the trashcan DAILY?? Or how about seeing the saddest thing ever on Valentine’s Day–a middle-aged man, sitting by himself at a bar in a restaurant enjoying a beverage in his fancy fur coat? 



So, just bear (or is it bare?!) with me until I get out of this weird funk I’m in and I’ll be back and better (or at least equal to) than ever!