This is the look I get when I yell at Lexi to stop eating poop in the backyard.  And by eating poop in the backyard I mean poop that is literally falling out of her sister’s (Sadie’s) rear-end. 


I guess food tastes better the second time around.  Although I have to give her props–the other day she licked daddy’s face and I just hear, “OH YOU JUST ATE POOP DIDN’T YOU?!”

Now THIS is the look I get from Sadie when I am making a turkey trail to get her to come inside when I am ready for BED DANGIT!!  I should not have to lower myself to hiding behind a door, making a trail of lunch meat, and the minute she walks in through that door slam it behind her and scream, “IN YOUR FACE SUCKA!!” When I’m sure she’s thinking, “Hey, I’m the one eating turkey and treats right before bed–and you don’t eat after 9 is that right?  Yeah, you’re the SUCKA!”