I’ll tell you what’s awesome. Well first it would be awesome if I used the correct punctuation in my title–hello question mark!

But the second most awesome thing is when your sweet, cute, fat dog named Lexi decides to bite a house guest.


(Doesn’t she look like a monster?)

Poor John (house guest) chose the wrong time to walk in front of her.  Just like a crocodile she struck.  Luckily she didn’t draw blood.  She spent most of the rest of the weekend sucking up to John, me and the hubby to try to win us over.  

I’m not really sure how to react to her biting someone.  It’s like finding out your kid bit another kid in the nursery. (Ok, that’s a true story–when I was a baby I got bit in the back by another baby in the nursery!  I think he was just flirting with me–I was such a cute baby!)  You can’t hold a grudge, but you can’t just ignore the fact that she bit someone.  DOG WHISPERER I NEED YOU!

Now this pup…


She was a perfect angel.  Other than the fact that her seat kept getting taken she enjoyed tolerated company. 

Maybe someday something will actually happen with a human being so I don’t have to write about my dogs EVERY TIME! 

 I actually have a really funny toilet story but it’s even too gross for me to write about.  We’ll just leave it at-the toilet wouldn’t flush in a public restroom so I had to take matters into my own hands…