I know you all are thinking–how could she possibly hate her husband? Well, it’s easy.

Let me do a quick run down of his working out/losing weight and mine:


Mon-ehhh I don’t think I’m going to run

Tues-Run for 30 minutes

Wed-Doesn’t Swiffering count as exercise?

Thurs-I decided to walk because I’m sort of tired.

Fri-It’s Friday-I just want to relax


Result: “I lost 5 pounds-I wasn’t really looking to LOSE any weight.”


Mon-Run/Walk for 35 minutes, abs, arms, more abs

Tues-Run/Walk for 35 minutes, lunges/squats

Wed- (crying as I climb on the treadmill) Same as Mon

Thurs-(Regretting I booked a trip to Destin) Same as Thurs

Fri-(Thinking people in Destin are non-judgmental) Same as Mon/Wed

Weekend-Either walk or run one of the days

Result: “How the heck did I GAIN a pound?”

And please, PLEASE don’t even get me started on the diet portion of my misery…

I already told him that if he shows up on the beach with a six-pack after I have been doing all the work that he’s a DEAD MAN!!

This picture is for Nikki!  No hineys to be seen in this pic!!


 That’s grass flying in the air, not a dirty lens! 

And finally, Thank YOU Michelle for your advice on the dog biting.  I’m going to try to recognize warning signs so I can correct before it gets violent!