Awwww, vacation.  I was given a few days off for Spring Break this past week.  I have taken FULL advantage of them.  I got sick on Saturday and yesterday was the first day I felt like a total, complete human being. 

It’s nothing new getting sick the moment I have a free day (or few days).  It’s just my luck and I’m sure I’m not the only one who has this luck.  Although I should be completely caught up on sleep and I think I’ve watched enough HGTV to now be considered an interior designer.

My shining moment of the week came last night.  Or I should say really, REALLY early this morning.  I woke up soaking wet. In a puddle of water. In bed.  It took me about five seconds to figure out what I had done.  I’ve been coughing so badly that I have to keep a bottle of water next to me so I can soothe my throat.  Well apparently I fell asleep with the bottle in my hand and managed to dump it all over me and my side of the bed.  I quickly grabbed my pillow and jetted before I woke the hubby up.  About ten minutes after I had gotten up he shoots out of the room looking for me—“That isn’t pee is it? Please tell me I didn’t just put my hand in pee.”  I had to reassure him that if I would have peed myself I would have woken him up and, in total shame and humiliation, let him know it’s time to change the sheets.  But now that I think about it, it’s pretty embarrassing to say you spilled water all over yourself too…

Who misses those sweet pups?