I don’t even know where to begin with this.

It all started Sunday morning while reading the paper. (Shocking huh?! Me reading the paper? I only get it for the Target ad–let’s be real)

An advertisement made me laugh really, really hard.

I know it had to be used in some way.

So, we started a game.

It all started innocently in the refrigerator…


(Please ignore the fact that it’s sitting on top of left over gravy and Sunkist is sitting right next to it–I was forgiven for my sins.)

The treadmill was next–which that’s the most action the treadmill has seen in weeks!


Then I couldn’t find it anywhere so I went to let the dogs out and lo and behold–BAM!



I have to say, he’s a little dead in the eye–Tyra could teach him a thing or two about “smiling with your eyes…”

This was the best placement–and I have to give credit where credit is due–it was my husband.

I drive home from work, go to pull in the garage only to be greeted by:



He is kind of cute though…


But not as cute as them!!

And yes, this post was very obviously brought to you by Geico, ok, not really…