Ladies and gentleman, Boys and Girls, Dogs and Cats…

Prepare yourself for PEAR BUNNIES!!!

According to my mother we’ve been doing pear bunnies for over 25 years.  My brother learned how to make them in his little 3 year old class. 

I hope I can pass on a tradition you all can share on Easter!

(Keep in mind that since we’re all adults in my family not as much detail goes into the bunny so it’s eyes,nose, and/or ears my be disproportionate to the body!)






Here’s the breakdown:



Ears=almond sliver(or any other nut sliver)

Nose=half a maraschino cherry

Tail=marshmallow (the original recipe was cottage cheese so it’s up to you!)

And you set it on a bed of lettuce…of course those are lettuce scraps because it wouldn’t be tradition if my mom didn’t forget one component of the Pear Bunny!


This picture is from a couple of weeks ago when we were supposed to get 10 inches of snow and got maybe a dusting.