I might possibly be leading the most boring life of anyone I know! And I’m not complaining, although it does put a hamper on having stuff to put on here.  I know you all come here daily HOPING above all hope that there will be something new. Or maybe not…

I keep thinking about this weekend and the past couple of days–surely SOMETHING has happened–nothing.  Unless you want to know what happened on last nights WWE (still crying over the fact that I know EVERYTHING there is to know about WWE and I actually CARE what happens) or what it feels like to eat half of a family-sized Reeses Pieces bag–on.my.own.– then I can enlighten you.  Ok I probably ate more like 3/4 on my own–then my husband threw them away in disgust. 

For now let’s just take a trip down memory lane and look at a couple of pictures of Lexi and Sadie as pups–I love them.



I still get this look from her and it makes my heart melt everytime.  Also, her collar still sticks out like that.  It’s like she’s constantly wearing a bowtie…


Did I ever tell you about Lexi’s balloon ears?  I’ll save that for another time.  Let’s just say her ears in this picture are probably twice the size they are now.