I’m debating changing my hair.  I’ve pretty much done everything there is to do to my hair other than go platinum blonde.  I’m going to take you down a very colorful hair past and ask you your opinion.  What’s your favorite?  And if you find one you absolutely hate then you can voice your opinion–just know that I’m very vengeful so if you say something too negative I will retaliate.  Ok, I’m kidding–sort of.   (And I apologize to everyone in the pictures if you didn’t want them on here–too bad!!)


Option A. Short and brown (not to be confused with a description of me short/lily white)


Option B. Short and Blonde (Funny story–for some reason it didn’t register that I didn’t need to use as much shampoo/conditioner with short hair–so my hair was constantly greasy and disgusting)


Option C.  Medium length/red-blonde highlights (This is such an OLD picture–it was on our anniversary–aww how sweet)


Option D. Long/Red (yes that is the same cardigan as the first picture. I hate showing off my arms and apparently I thought a cap sleeve was enough to hide that hanging ham on the side of my body also known as my arm)


Option E.  Long/With MAJAH bangs (I hate this picture of me but this is definitely my all time favorite of Sadie!  And I think it’s pretty obvious that I didn’t really know how to style my bangs—oy!)


Option F. Long/Dark (this is basically what I have it like now–which of course mentally makes me want to dye it blonde and chop it off!)


Option G. Long/Blonde (Sorry Lauren–I know you hate this picture) I like this color but I have to be tan to really pull it off. Plus my hair grows so fast (which my hairdresser sister-in-law is super jealous of.  I always have to remind her that if it grows fast on my head it grows fast everywhere else.  Hence the braided leg hair…) that I have to get it dyed more often. 

I’m going to be real honest here people I’m pretty much too cheap/lazy to change it too much but if I get enough opinions and one heavily outweighs all of them then I may change!

Maybe I should get Sadie’s color


Or go VERY dramatic and get Lexi’s…