Wow, where have I been? 

I just looked at one of my friend’s blogs and saw I hadn’t posted in 4 weeks.  That’s a MONTH–did you know that?!  Since tomorrow is my birthday I thought I’d post so I could get the obligatory “Happy Birthday” wishes.  (Only half-way kidding, although I do except every person reading this to leave me a message…)

May has been a crazy month!  My husband became both an artist and a lumberjack. I became a blonde.  And Sadie had a little tumor removed by her eye.  Lexi, well Lexi probably gained a pound or two but that’s nothing new.   

We’ve had visitors, gone on vacation and just been busy all around!

Oh my goodness, I went to post pictures and I seem to have forgotten how to do it!  Wow…IMG_2691

(Just so you know, in this situation the tree stump won.)


My husband, The Renaissance Man. 


This is us in Destin, FL.  (And my lovely blonde hair) Oh my gosh people, this place is so beautiful!  Me and Lauren wanted to get pregnant here and name our children Destin and Destiny.  (Didn’t happen sorry parents!)



Ok, now there’s a few things I need to point out here.  Everyone look at my awesome tan and how well the cut of this dress highlights it.  It really shows off that I was wearing a halter-top bathing suit.  And my skin is probably just as scaly as the alligator (I’ll be here all night with jokes like that–also, I think the lady at this place said alligators actually don’t have scales so nevermind)  Somehow I managed to get a farmers BURN without even wearing a t-shirt.  How does that even happen?!  I would show you but my arms are actually the size of sides of beef so I’ll just let you imagine.  By the way, we were looking at an image of us on the wall, and we’re obviously very enthralled with it.  Don’t even get me started with how good my cleavage looks.  Pancakes anyone??

Two little ladies missed everyone too…



Sadie, wasn’t in the mood to have her picture taken.  This was basically the only shot of her even glancing at the camera. 

Hopefully for your sake I’m back for good.  I know you’ve missed all my interesting, witty stories. 

And like I said earlier, my birthday is tomorrow, so wish me Happy Birthday dangit!