This week has sort of been my off week as far as eating well and exercising.  I may be taking advantage of it too much considering I’ve gone to bed with stomach aches for the past three nights.  Chili Cheese Burritos from Taco Bell are killer man.  Especially right before bed.  But I fight the good fight because dangit I love eating bad when I can!

That above paragraph really has nothing to do with what I’m getting ready to write but I thought I’d throw out there that I’ve been eating and sleeping really weirdly the past few nights. (Probably due to the gorge fest I’ve put myself through!)

For some reason (see the two paragraphs above) the past few nights I cannot get the song The Girl From Ipanena out of my head.  And it’s not like it’s the full out song.  It’s like a Muzak version that would be played in a poorly lit elevator.  The worst part of this whole situation is when I’m humming it I feel the need to stand up and dance.  I stand there doing a light rumba by myself, holding my hand in the air as if I’m holding a tumbler of scotch wearing my light blue leisure pants, floral shirt and stark white Velcro shoes out on my lanai with Blanche, Rose, and Dorthy.

It’s really quite an embarrassing sight.  And everytime I do this my husband walks in the room, says, “Oh. My. Gosh.” And walks out.  I hate myself for this, I really do. 

I try to get the dogs involved but they look at me about the same way my husband does.  Shock and disappointment.

Speaking of those beauties…

In this series of photos, I urge you to look past Sadie the brown dog and look towards the black beauty in the background.  I only wish you could put these pictures in motion.  Lexi is a thing of beauty when she gets to spinning.







I only wish someone could communicate to Lexi that spinning your itchy booty on the grass probably is making it WORSE, not better!