I have really great friends you guys.

My sweet friend Ginny was trying to set up a lunch with a few other people.  This is the email she sent out:

The pleasure of your company is required at the “Celebration of Birth” lunch honoring Mrs. Angela.

We will be congregating at Dos Gabachos at Eleven Thirty in the morning on the lovely last day of spring Saturday, June Twentieth.

Please RSVP to Ginny by the Nineteenth of June during the year of Two Thousand and Nine.

Be there or off with your head!

Ok just to recap, this Saturday at 11:30…Dos Gabachos. You all know the place. Don’t bring gifts..she isn’t THAT special. KIDDING! Bring gifts. This is just a good excuse to get together. Hope you can come!

Such a sweet and formal invitation.

These are a couple of emails that followed…

Can we all take votes on the name. Here are my suggestions

  1. Josh Hartnett
  2. Virginia Amy 
  3. Theta SGC


Wait a minute.  WHAT???  ANGELA, ARE YOU PREGNANT?!?!!?  Or are you having another dog?


NEITHER…Amy, why are you starting these rumors?  But if anyone would like to “surprise” me with a puppy then Brian couldn’t get mad right? And Crislyn I hope you would know I would let you know if I’m pregnant.   Maybe Amy’s pregnant…

HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…. I seriously thought you were pregnant. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHAA. I have already told two people….. I am awesome!

Ok, let me RE-EMPHASIZE…I am not pregnant.  And my sweet, awesome friends thought I’d tell them by having someone else send out a Celebration of Birth announcement?  COME ON! They should know they would probably find out through Twitter or right here on the blog.

I guess it could be much worse and she assumed I was pregnant by just LOOKING at me.  And honestly I think it’s really funny but lesson to all–confirm that your friends are indeed pregnant before telling people.  ESPECIALLY when said friend has put on a couple of pounds and be confused for pregnant!

Thank you. 

This has been a Public Service Announcement for the slightly overweight women of America.