So, let’s see…has it been a month since I last wrote?  What has come over me? 

Oh, that’s right–my mind seemed to have stopped the ability to write coherent sentences that made sense and that people would actually want to read.

My life has been so boring snoring lately that it’s not even worth wasting people’s time with!  It hasn’t helped that I’ve been more than overly grumpy that the weather has cracked 100+ the last month and the fact that my fat dog Lexi has allergies that wake me up at 5:00am everyday! (not anymore–thank you Benadryl!!)

I do have one story to share and it’s going to go from sad/gross to random in the matter of seconds…

Last Friday I was driving to work and I saw pretty much the equivalent of this:


on the road.  (If you can’t tell that’s supposed to represent a dead kitten) Now, I’m not a cat person but still, it’s pretty depressing when you see that driving to work which in and of itself is depressing.  So I go on about my day and as I’m driving home from work at about noon–ok, so I only worked a half day that day–the kitten had flipped sides of the road and was, hmm how do I put this, in a few more pieces than he was when I left him. 

Out of the corner of my eye I notice something.  There’s something over in the tree.  I had to turn around and figure out what it was.  I stare at it for a moment and I figured out what it was—


Yes, I thought I saw a TURKEY.  But, wait…why would a turkey be in my neighborhood, standing right under a tree right next to a kitten carcass.  So I looked a little closer…


It wasn’t a turkey…


(not actual one I saw–I was too big of a wuss to get out of my car)


He was patiently waiting for all of the cars to pass so he could finish his meal.  I think I almost lost my meal at that moment.  Poor little kitty…

You know these are the kinds of stories I’m going to want to cherish and pass down to my kids.  If you want to borrow for a bedtime story be my guest.


I should have sent my pups after him.  That would have shown him!