My husband and I finally broke down and took Lexi into the vet last Saturday because her constant biting and licking and scratching were driving him and I crazy.  I’m sure it was beyond the point of insanity for her, but she’s a dog.  I’m sure I’ve waxed poetic about the times we’ve taken our sweet dogs to the vet and how perfectly behaved they are. 

Well, this time was no different. IMG_3614

As usual, if there is ANY dog within the vicinity of the check-in desk we have to keep either of our dogs away until it is either our turn or the other dogs leave.  Now, I’m sure it’s the other dogs sending off negative energy that get our dogs upset not the fact that Lexi and Sadie are psychotic. 

We get Lexi on the scale and she is 80 pounds!  We were so happy that she’d lost five pounds!  But our bubble burst pretty quickly when not only the vet, but the nurse told us she needed to lose weight.  Her confidence was shot.  And we actually got a chuckle when the vet said she needed to be in the 50-55 pound weight range.  Ha! What a joke. 


Next the nurse went to take her temperature–and we all now how that goes.  But instead of getting a startled, deer-in-the-headlights look she just sat down.  On the thermometer.  Poor nurse.  She said, “Oh, we’ll have to tie a string to that next time we do this so we don’t lose it up there!”

Her dignity is stripped at this point.

They take her back to get some skin tests done and she comes back into the room.  Then I notice she had poop hanging from her hiney.  So I had to chase her around the room just to wipe her butt.  There goes MY dignity.  I can see her future, she’s going to be a 10 year old dog wearing a diaper. 


At this point she was so ready to go when they gave her the cortisone shot she didn’t even notice.

Sadie pouted at home thinking she was missing out on the adventure of her life!


There’s really no point to this post but I thought of the title this morning and couldn’t stop singing it (Be-be-be Benny and the Jets!) so it had be used!