Say hello to my new best friend…


The Bagworm. 

They are something out of a horror movie.  I’m pretty sure this is one thing God cursed to this earth the minute Adam and Eve bit into that apple.

“Oh how was that apple? Because now that you ate it I’m sending worms that will destroy everything in their sight and possibly ruin your life.”

That was God speaking by the way–not a direct quote, I’m paraphrasing here. 

Look at what they have done to my tree!


UGH–it’s so depressing to even look at it!  Over the course of two days I spent about 6 hours picking off the little sacks that contained the worms.  I probably picked a good two or three THOUSAND.  And it hardly put a dent into the population.   

I would like to insert here that my husband, I love him dearly, would not come within 10 feet of these because they grossed him out.  I was secretly hoping one would attach itself to his leg and make a little bag out of his leg hair.  That would show him!  Although he didn’t pick them he would shovel them into our fire bowl and burn them.  So in a way I played the judge and he was the executioner.


You may have to enlarge that but there are hundreds of wiggly bagworms under the tree.  I felt like aliens had invaded my backyard.  You would think it was the wind moving them around but no, OH NO, it was them moving around inside the bag.  And they literally attach themselves to anything to stay alive–including blades of grass, gardening gloves and sweatpants.

We’ve sprayed the tree and now it’s just a dead tree with dead bagworms hanging from it. 

Luckily we haven’t found any hanging from these two…



I’m sure you can tell in the background of this picture but maybe it’s not the bagworms fault totally.  Look how dead those plants are in the background!