Has anyone else had a horrible year for insects?  I guess it hasn’t been so much a horrible year as a horrible week for insects at my house.  Honestly, I think there may be more bugs in our house than outside.  It’s disgusting. 

First up is the mosquito.  My yard and house have both been invaded by mosquitoes.  And it’s not the cute little brown ones.  It’s the nasty, big, ASIAN TIGER MOSQUITO.


It’s a sad day when I have to apologize to my friends because they are being eaten alive while trying to enjoy their meal IN OUR LIVING ROOM.  I blame the dogs.  I think the mosquitoes stowaway under their fur and escape once inside. 

Next up we have the cicada. 


Oh. My. Gosh. These things, although harmless, are disgusting.  It’s also a sure fire way to send my husband screaming like a girl into the bedroom and leaving ME to get rid of it.  I thought our dogs were trying to eat another toad so I was going to stop them.  Instead this thing came diving into our house–screaming the whole way in.

Our good friend Greg the grasshopper is next up. 


He just got out of the house this morning after hanging out on our ceiling for the last week.  He actually wasn’t bothersome and I’ll actually miss him a little bit.  But he’s better off outside where he’ll probably be eaten by a bird by the end of the day.

Spiders.  For the sake of yourself and your lunch do NOT go to Google and type in spider.  Almost every image result is a picture of someone’s spider bite.  I actually killed a spider myself.  I’m not proud, but my husband was not home and I wasn’t letting him get away.  It was very reminiscent of the famous spider of last year…


I don’t know when I became such a girl.  This stuff didn’t use to gross me out.  I think it’s my husband’s fault who is scared of every bug out there! 

And finally my little love bugs.  Everyone together *Awwwww*