Have I ever mentioned my love of Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser?  If I haven’t then here it is:  I LOVE BOB HARPER.  He’s awesome. 

I bought The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga the other day and yeah it’s hard but do you know what makes EXTREMELY hard?  Having two dogs interrupt you ever five seconds while you’re trying to focus. I tried to do it last Saturday and that of course was when Sadie wanted to play with her ball.  And Lexi wanted in and out and in and out.  Of course my husband was no where to be seen because he was ON THE GOLF COURSE.  As I’m screaming at the dog while trying to do Warrior 1 I’m realizing that this really isn’t relaxing.  I couldn’t find my center.  While I was in cool down mode in the Corpse pose I believe not one, or two, but three obscenities came flying out of my mouth in the direction of Lexi. 

I found the solution though.

I jokingly asked my husband if he wanted to do yoga with me and he actually agreed.  Well, you guys, the dogs acted like I wasn’t even there!  As I was in downward dog I look over at my husband and there’s two dogs licking him to death.  And they did this–THE WHOLE TIME!   While he couldn’t get centered I was basically floating I was so focused.  So, I’m trying to think of a way to get him to do it every time.  I have a feeling that that was the first and last time you’ll see him in yoga mode.

I only WISH I had pictures of this.  But since it includes me then you won’t see any stinkin’ pictures. 

I can’t tell in this picture below if Sadie is bowing to Lexi or she’s about to puke. 


Or maybe she’s about to headbutt her.  It’s only fitting because Lexi is a butthead.