My in-laws are always good for one thing–eating.  (Well, they’re good for a lot of things but that’s a different post for a different time stop getting me off track!) Anytime we visit or they visit the main component of any visit is eating.  Does it sound like I’m complaining?  Because I’m not.  If anyone knows me at all they know I love to eat and although I am what some would call overweight I should be way beyond obese with the way I eat.   

This past weekend they came to visit us in Oklahoma and we ate and ate and ate.  And I loved every second of it.  Except that little tinge of guilt that kept creeping up and saying “Remember how those pants barely fit?  REMEMBER how your underwear goes up your butt because it BARELY fits?” It didn’t stop me.

Between Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon we ate out no less than FIVE times and throw on top of that a trip to get donuts Saturday morning.  Pizza, Mexican food, french fries, chicken strips, hamburgers, pop…I know that sounds like a kindergartner’s food list but it’s how I eat people.

You know the phrase buyer’s remorse?  I have eater’s remorse.  Why didn’t I put down that third tortilla?  WHY didn’t I refuse that dessert?  And that second donut?  I probably shouldn’t have eaten that either. 

But oh, it was so worth it when it was going down.

I have to brag on my pups because they were perfect angels this weekend.  With a house full of guests they were WONDERFUL!