Not technically single but I’m without a husband for the weekend.  Although my friend Lauren will play the part of my husband in a sense.  We’ve always said if we ever get divorced (I see NO plans for that in the future) we’re just going to live together and get fat and be happy.  And yes, to Lauren and I, being fat equals happiness. 

For future reference so you know who I’m talking about–this is Eric and Lauren in ALL their glory


While my husband is at his Mecca with his friend Eric (aka Lauren’s husband)…


(That’s Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium for anyone who cares–anyone?! No? Me either)

And he gets to eat the food of the gods…

I would marry you Amigos, if it was legal to marry a corporation.

I get to have some fun too though…

I’m going to Tulsa to hang out with my incredibly fit friend GINNY!


And I plan to eat my weight in junk food.  Because what the husband don’t see, the husband don’t know about.  Anyways, I can run it all off Monday right?? 

Which reminds me, you all who are reading this and get to enjoy your Labor Day off–I HAVE TO WORK–so at this moment I hate you.  I’ll get over it though, I promise.