Quick story for you…

So, I don’t know if ALL Chick-Fil-A’s have started this obnoxious little language or if it was just something that the fine folks in Tulsa started.  Or they could have been doing it because the BIG boss was there.

I don’t know, I don’t care, but it MUST stop!

We walk in Friday night and they all say “hi, welcome to Chick-fil-A!” That’s fine nothing wrong with that. 

Then when they handed me my drink I said, “Thanks.” And the guy said, “My pleasure.” Then I heard, “My pleasure” coming out of the guys mouth that was taking my friend Ginny’s order.  This is getting out of hand.

Ginny and I went to get a straw and a Chick-fil-a girl was refilling the condiments.  She said to Ginny, “I like your shirt.” “Thanks,” she said.  “MY PLEASURE!!!!” said the girl.  ENOUGH with the MY PLEASURE–just say you’re welcome or no problem.  I realize they’re being polite and that they HAVE to say it but is it really necessary after complimenting someone’s shirt? 

I still love you Chick-fil-a. 


Is it just me or is this Lexi’s skinny angle?  She looks so little here!


And this one of Sadie, it looks like she’s wearing a fur collar. 

Maybe I’m just hallucinating…