One question I keep getting over and over from everyone (and by everyone I mean no one) is what did you do for your anniversary?

Thanks for asking!

It was so romantic.

I had to go outside and wait for my husband to write in the card so I wouldn’t see what he was writing.  Then we exchanged cards, read them in front of each other and said, “Awww, thanks! I love you too!” And as usual I picked out a card that was sarcastic and rude and he picked one out that talked about how wonderful I am. 

We took a stroll in the aisles of Wal-Mart to pick up dog food and Lever 2000. 

Then it was off to pick up the pizza we ordered from a place that is a cheap knock-off of Little Caesars.  I know you all are thinking, something can be cheaper than Little Caesars?  Here’s where I tell you that I love Little Caesars and would eat it everyday until I died if I could.  Judge me all you will.  I can take it!

Then we arrived home and watched a DVR’d WWE Raw from Monday night.  I can’t believe that Randy Orton, he’s so bad. 

Sadly, the whitetrash in me would not want to spend my anniversary any other way.

And OK, OK we’re going to Dallas this weekend to hang out and eat and watch football in a hotel room.  So I guess it makes up for the Whitetrash Bash we had on our actual anniversary…

A couple of awkward shots of the dogs…



And I guess the fact that we’ve had dining room chairs as our “outdoor furniture” for about 5 months now really helps tie in the whitetrashness of my life!