Literally just got back from Wal-Mart after waiting two hours for my husband to get his oil changed.  We spent a majority of the time in the waiting room watching The Antiques Roadshow.  Does anyone even watch that show anymore?

Apparently my husband and I have tags on our heads tonight that say, “PLEASE TALK TO US AND MAKE AWKWARD CONVERSTION WITH US.”

One lady I couldn’t even tell half of what she was saying.  I just kept nodding my head and sayin, “Uh-huh, yeah, totally.”  She was talking about the healthcare thing (ignorance alert: I don’t know much about it) and about how Oklahoma is boring.  Wah, then move.

Next, a lady came in and first thing she did was offer us a bite of her sandwich from Subway.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Then we played  “How much do you think that’s worth…” on The Antiques Roadshow.  We humored her and after everything, I mean EVERYTHING it was, “OH my goodness–I can’t believe it’s worth that much!”

I couldn’t really concentrate because I knew that Taco Bell awaited me.

This week I’ve talked about WWE, Taco Bell, WalMart and being ignorant about the topic of healthcare.  I really am fitting the typical Oklahoman stereotype. 

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my dogs?  Because I do…