This weekend my sweet husband and I went to Southlake, TX to enjoy a fun weekend shopping, eating, and relaxing in the hotel room. 

As luck would have it a flood that is proportionate to the Biblical flood decided to descend upon Texas and Oklahoma.  It kind of defeats the purpose of a fun outdoor shopping center when you can’t walk outside without getting soaking wet even with an umbrella. 

We didn’t mind so much, we still got to eat and we went to Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn and we ate at Cheesecake Factory.  And yes, yes I do realize that all three of those stores are located not ten minutes from my house. 

But I wouldn’t have gotten to take a nap in this hotel room


And I did nap…until my husband woke me up because apparently I was laying on the tv channel guide and he had to have it–right then. 

I also got to take a tee-tee in this bathroom


 It was so luxurious!


But this rainy, dreary view was all we had to look at. 

I did find something out that I didn’t know about my husband though.  He apparently would not stop on the side of the road if there was a baby cow stranded.  He really has no heart.

When we got home our two beautiful, sweet dogs left us a flood of our own about the size of a large pizza on the only piece of carpeting in our house.  Thanks pups!