Never in my life will I ever want to teach anybody anything ever.  I have zero patience in teaching people to do stuff that I know I can do faster and definitely better than they can.  Ok, not better, but if I know how to do it I’d rather just do it myself rather than teach someone.

On Sunday my husband and I had to hook up and teach my mother and father how to use a DVR.  Let me preface this by saying my dad has the patience of a toddler.  Well, my mother, bless her little heart, couldn’t get their phone to work to activate the DVR after we’d hooked it up.  So that was the FIRST thing I had to do.  Then I heard the dreaded words over the activation recording, “Your DVR is activated.  Please allow up to 20 minutes for it to work.”  After breaking the news to my father he said, “Just forget it. Hook up the old one.  I’ve got about four shows I’m watching right now.”  I basically told him to shut it and just sit there patiently and it will probably come on in a minute. 

Thankfully it comes on and the picture is nice and crisp.  One problem.  No sound.  Crap.  This got my father going again, “Just hook up the old one. I knew you two couldn’t be trusted to do this.” (Please note he’s being sarcastic and not flat out rude) I told him to shut-it again and my poor husband got the brunt of the bashing.  And for some reason my husband clams up around my parents so he just sat there and took it.  Poor guy. He kept inserting comments like, “Oh I’m sure the crowd went crazy with that shot, if only we could hear it.”   Did I mention the first time my father met my husband (boyfriend at the time) he came in holding a butcher knife to his throat and all my husband could do was sit there?  Yeah, it was awesome.

Finally we figured out the issue with the sound and got that squared away.  Now it was time to teach them how to actually use the DVR.  My father just couldn’t grasp the fact that you could pause, rewind, fast forward live television.  I have a feeling I’m going to be getting calls in the middle of the night, “Ok, so if I record this tomorrow I can watch it later that night?” He already called in excitement that one of his movies that he watches constantly, The Cutting Edge, was already being recorded.  Yes, you read that right. The Cutting Edge.

The hardest lesson of this whole thing is going to be teaching him that it’s called a DVR, not a DVD player.