Life just keeps getting more funny with each passing day.  Sometimes I think God has the best sense of humor of ANYONE I know.

Let me just give you some finer things that have happened in the last 24 hours:

  • I had an argument with my husband this morning on if you brush your teeth only once a day if it’s better at night or in the morning.  I say the morning because you’re getting ready to face people and talk to people.  Isn’t that a logical thought? He disagrees and thinks it’s just as gross that I don’t brush my teeth at night as someone not brushing their teeth in the morning.  I’m just too lazy to brush my teeth twice a day.  Judge me all you want. 
  • Update on the DVR situation.  My dad has now referred to it as a BVD machine.  Yes, as is in the underwear that was called BVD’s.  Do they even still make those?  And he would also like to point out that he is the one, so he claims, that fixed the sound issue.  Dream on daddy, dream on.


  • God is toying with my emotions.  I used to never see stray dogs–EVER.  Now all of the sudden I have seen 4, count them FOUR in the last two weeks.  It’s heartbreaking and depressing because I want to take them all home but know that I can’t.  I think it’s Gods way of telling me to quit my job and just stay at home with the dogs. 
  • Finally, my husband almost went into cardiac arrest last night when there was an earthworm crawling around in our house.  It had been flooding and I wish I could explain how an earthworm actually got into our house but it was there. Followed by another.  I asked him how he baited hooks when he used to fish and he said, “I never used worms.” I’m apparently the man in the family.  This morning I picked up no less than 5 dried up worms in our living room.  I have no idea how they got in.