I ain’t apologizing for nothin’.

I got lazy–end of story!

Now back to the tale at hand…

We went golfing about two weekends ago when we were visiting my in-laws in Kansas City.  Of course, you know me and I use the term “we” EXTREMELY loosely.  I didn’t even drive the cart.  I spent most of the time holding on to the side of the cart trying not to fall out and of course complaining (the thing I do best!)  The big bet was how long it would take for us to get kicked off the course.  I said after the first hole. 


It was really cold. And windy.  Perfect conditions for golf.


And this was my cousin in-law pulling his pants BACK up on the first hole.  He got paid back for being a punk–hello raw nipples! 


I look ridiculous in this picture. Just plain ridiculous.  It’s all a lie too.  I was too wussy to drive the cart.  And I love being a walking contradiction–obviously flip-flops go with sweatshirts.  It all makes perfect sense. 


Here’s my husband who’s pretending to nonchalantly look off into the distance.  He’s under the impression that he could be some sort of model. 

I did see a little bird that I thought was so adorable and all I got was “oh my gosh it’s a little bird that we see everyDAY at home.” I don’t care what he says. It was cute.

It was a nice little jaunt but the weekend did have one sour note (well TWO sour notes but I’ll get to that at a later time).  Since this is MYDogumentary I feel it’s necessary to report on all happenings of all dogs in my family and my extended family.  My husband’s aunt and uncle’s dog Oreo had to be put to sleep while we were there due to a tree branch snapping and falling on him and crushing his pelvis and other significant injuries.  He was the sweetest dog who had a rough life before he was adopted by the in-laws family.  He lived a great life with them  and he will be missed! I don’t have a picture of him so we’ll just leave out dog pictures for the day.  And I’ll leave you with this…