I’ve been a little busy this past week. 

I’ve been playing vet tech to both dogs.  I have officially decided that my two dogs are higher maintenance than an infant would be. 

Let’s take a look at what we’re dealing with here:


Pills, sprays, ointments, powders and ear cleaner (which somehow escaped the picture.)  Various things that were prescribed in the 3 vet visits that I’ve been on in the last two weeks.  Not pictured are the shots and tests that they had to have done at the vets office.

And please ignore the giant Arby’s cup in the background.  That plus 30,000 snack size candy bars is mama’s medicine. 

Someone mentioned that the dogs are on more medication than their mother who has ALZHEIMERS! 

From a bacterial infection to an ear infection to an eye infection to a gaping wound to allergies to paw issues.  It’s been a really fun week.  And dogs love getting medication put into their ears, eyes, and on said gaping wounds.  It usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to chase down Lexi and get the medication in. 

It will all be worth it when these two will finally stop scratching themselves 24-7!



And I’m already assigning medication to different people in my family for Christmas gifts! 

Mom you get the eye ointment.

Dad you can have the antibiotics…