• Not changing my razorhead as much as I should. As in I am actually shocked that it still shaves hair off my leg.  More than likely I’m spreading disgusting diseases onto my body but if I can get a razor to last me six months then I’m golden.  Same rule applies with contacts.
  • Showering only when I have to.  And I only wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week.  If I haven’t sweat during the day then there’s no way I’m wasting my time showering.
  • Secret eating.  Occassionally when my husband’s gone or in another room I’ll sneak into the kitchen and eat something I know I shouldn’t be.  I know it doesn’t effect him in any way, so I don’t have any clue as to why I hide it from him.  It’s GUILT.
  • Caring too much what other people think.  This is how sad I am–I care what other drivers think of my driving.  I don’t know these people and more than likely I’ll never drive near them again in my life. 
  • Never washing my pants.  I’m super paranoid that the minute they’re washed they will never fit the same again.  Funny thing is, is that none of my pants even fit that well!
  • Talking to my dogs like they are people.  I’m sorry Cesar Millan–I can’t help it! I know it makes them not take me seriously as the pack leader but I feel like they actually know what I’m saying! 
  • Dressing my dogs up like ballerinas for Halloween! Thanks to my friend Amy (who is amazing at EVERYTHING she does–except combing hair–see her blog for that story!) they had custom made tutus!




I’m sorry, if this is wrong then I don’t want to be right.  I have a feeling anytime I’m feeling blue these tutus will be making an appearance.