How many of you been told you look like someone famous? 

I used to be told I look like Jennifer Aniston when my face was a little skinnier and I had long blondish hair.  I think it’s my chin/jaw-line.  It’s quite prominent.  I love Jennifer Aniston and totally took it as a compliment.  Although I was never told, “You could be Jennifer Aniston’s body double!” That’s what I REALLY would have loved to hear.  Oh well…jenniferaniston ugh

(By the way, I know that picture has no resemblance to Jennifer Aniston, except of course the arms! I’m coming to find out I don’t take enough pictures of myself so this is the result of that!)

Now, I’m getting a new one. 

It hasn’t been overwhelming or anything (although my husband is sick of me talking about it) because she’s not extremely famous. 

It all started with a text from my husband’s cousin. Is there such thing as a cousin-in-law?  The text said, “You didn’t tell me your wife was in Paranormal Activity.” 

I looked up a picture of the girl (Katie Featherston is her name) and thought there was a slight resemblance.  When I watched a trailer of the movie I did notice she had a little bit of a double-chin, no offense to her of course. Now THAT I recognize!

Then when we visited Kansas City this guy who worked at Wendy’s came out and told me I looked just like her and that everyone who worked there thought I did.  

I don’t know what to say to people when they say stuff.  Thank you?  Is that a compliment?  Ok?  It’s always a bit awkward.

I’ll let you all be the judge.  I don’t think I look like any of her “real-life” pictures but to me there is a small resemblance to her in the film.


Her in the movie

This is the closest I could come to a picture like the one above:


Yeah that’s not close at all…


Her in “real life.”


These pictures really aren’t that great of a representation. If I were a true blogger I’d re-enact them…

Here’s a couple of Lassie dopplegangers!